Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Writing as a business introduction

We previously discussed about your writing as a business. Because if you want to succeed to the next level in your writing (from the "playing around" stage to publication) and are serious about doing it, then that is the mind-set that you need.

First, what I am about to discuss is a variation of a motivational talk by the great Earl Nightingale. In his excellent audio collection "Lead The Field" he talks about the four components of a successful business, which can be shifted to how one can learn to succeed at whatever you put your mind to do. I take this one step further, but at an elementary level I still credit Mr. Nightingale for the knowledge I am about to share.

Think of yourself as the CEO of your company. Or, better yet, the CEO of your life. There are three main components to it, which, depending on how successful you put them to work, influences the fourth. Since we are in the writing business, you are the CEO of that business and how successful your writing will become, will largely influence how much . . . money you are able to earn.

The three main components of any successful business are as follows: Research and Development, Production, and Sales. If any given business works these three areas to the best of its ability, it increases the fourth component: money. If one area is lacking, then the business becomes stagnant and eventually fails.

Earl Nightingale put this in a personal perspective when thinking of your own life, of which you are the CEO. If you look at your own body, the head is Research and Development, the hands are Production, and the legs are Sales. Your chest . . . let's put a huge Superman-like S in the center, but instead of an S let's put a dollar sign. How successful you are in R & D, Production, and Sales will affect how much money you are able to earn.

In the next few blogs, I will break each of these three components down for you.

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