Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What is the purpose behind "Views From The Outhouse?"

The purpose is simple: to offer my thoughts on writing (either my own or writing in general, including what I've learned in my research) and books.

There will be no politics here, and certainly no current events (unless it has to do with the literary community). There's plenty of that out there, people offering their feable, slanted opinions, and I don't want to contribute to that. I used to be an avid news-watcher. But lately, when I'm trying to improve my life and the life of my family (wife and three kids), I try to avoid watching the mind-numbing news. Instead, I use my focused intensity to write, write, and write.

I may offer, from time to time, a thoughtful criticism or two on a certain book, but those will be far and few between. There are also plenty of people out there who seem to spew with rage at another person's success. I will try not to do that here. And if I do, it'll be for a damn good reason.

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